Thursday, November 09, 2006

High drama at Apollo Hospital

Here are the details of an unfortunate incident that had taken place in Apollo Hospital , Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh , India .
A boy named Rahul(20) who was doing his engineering IIIrd year from Karshak Engineering College was suffering from high fever and was admitted to the Apollo hospital on Sunday, October 29th, 2006, in the evening. The doctors said that the case was serious and admitted the boy in the ICU which was closed from all sides. No one could see what was happening inside.
At around 9 'o' clock Rahul called his father and told him that the doctors were talking about removing the kidneys from his body and hence he wanted them to take him away from there but since his father was from a small village, he thought the boy was scared and so the father took no action.
In the night, the doctors at Apollo Hospital removed both the kidneys from Rahul's body and killed the boy. The next day, i.e. on Monday when the case came to light, the students of Karshak college made a big issue and called the press from all over India because the police was not letting them go inside the hospital. When the police saw the press, they let the students in.
On seeing the body, the students could see stiches on both the sides of the body just above abdomen that clearly proved that the kidneys were removed. But the doctors somehow got hold of the boy's uncle and offered him big money to end the case there. The Greedy Uncle agreed and took the boys body back home and burned the body leaving behind no proof for the students to prove that the kidneys were stolen. Rahul's family was in a shock and not in senses and hence did not want to do anything.


Rajagopal said...

I dont think any parent would say that as they were in a shock, they didnt lodge complaint, even after so much of media coverage and drama. Who knows? may be his parents were also gagged with money or may be a planned execution??

kprabhu said...

could be. Money makes everything...):

kprabhu said...

Nice to hear that you have got placed in Yahoo. All the very best. How is our colg..):